I Run Jakarta -2 (on the empty street)

As the sun rise, the rain stopped, so did people start to move for Eid prayer. In my part, I woke up and had my cup of coffee, and prepared for a small run. The run that I anticipated days ahead. The run where there would be almost no body on the streets.

So be it! I got the whole avenue for me… to share to very few people. I was able to run on any lane, with my own set pace. Enjoying the sun rays, the smell of the wet asphalt, and also the chirping of birds, sounds of people praying, and occasionally some bikers and a couple of runners. The guards of the empty building, the Seven Eleven employees, the drug addicts and the beggars sleeping behind the walls, a guy sitting on the bench while smoking. An ojek driver sitting at the corner, a little boy screaming while being carried by his father.

For what ever reason it was a wonderful morning for me, and maybe for you too…

Eid Mubarak


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