How To Look Good?

A 3 year-old boy was brought for consult to my office, for low-grade fever for two days associated with decrease of appetite. On physical examination he was febrile at 38.3 centigrade, and with apparent stomatitis on his soft palate. During the examination process, he was cooperative, active, and asking a lot of questions.

Why is it painful?

Can I still go to my cousin’s house?

When can I visit them again?

Can I play with my little sister?

I wanna kiss her!

And finally he hugged and gave me a very big smile along with the word “Thank you”, then I was crushed. He was not the most beautiful child I’ve ever met, but certainly he is one of the most adorable.

Fast forward of the day, I was stumbled upon Justin Timberlake’s new song. I was an old fan of JT. Since his separation with the then “princess virgin” Britney Spears, and how he’s doing it into a-oh-so-cool-song with the clip of Britney-shadow-a-like.

Or when he was collaborating with the Black Eye Peas for “Where is The Love.”

Or when he first appearance with the Great Gatsby hairstyle.

Or when he dance with the white fedora and all-white-suit.

And now Can’t Stop The Feeling. I love the ambience of the song, but it gets better with the clip. Regular persons are dancing, showing happiness, at regular places. Old guys, a not so young lady, a middle-childhood boy, a waiter, a plumber, that look good.

They look good because they are dancing, but they are not dancing the trendy dance. They look good because they are smiling, although the wrinkles are also deeper when they do.

Some kind of happy attitude would make you look good I guess.

For now you can enjoy the video by clicking this

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