If Death is Imminent…

On a flight to Taipei, I was presented with an entertainment package over the screen in front of my seat. The package consists of movies, musics, games, magazines, and flight informations. The only two things that were worth to enjoy were the musics and movies.

A long haul flight is the best time to enjoy movies. Time is abundant with limited things to do, so here I am browsing for movies.

The first movie interested me were If Cats Disappeared From the World (Sekai kara neko ga kietanara). A Japanese movie made just recently on 2016. No I don’t know the casts, nor the director. What I enjoy from most Japanese movies was they tend to be less sexual than their western counterparts, or even to the Chinese-language productions. They also had a lot of moments of silent in between scenes, which were useful for me to sink in the story. This movie tells about a thirty-year-old postman in a town in Japan with a very routine life and a huge love on DVD. One day on the way to work, he lost his consciousness and then found out to be in the terminal stage of a malignant brain cancer. He then dealt with the devil to have his life extended for a day, by losing an item chosen by evil. Losing a thing related to him and everthing related to the loss item, gave him epiphany, that no matter how small your part in life, no matter how many dreams shattered, events regretted, every person has their own parts on earth and interconnected with others. The movie was ended with the word of his father when he was born, “Thank you… Thank you for coming to this world.”

The second movie was the Medecin de Campagne (2016). A French movie about a country doctor, Jean-Pierre, who had been working round-the-clock to help the people around him. He was then fell ill and in need for outpatient intensive treatment, which sometimes quite debilitating. A friend of his, the doctor who took care of his illness, recommended a young doctor from a hospital in the city to be his replacement in case something bad happened. In many times, less doctors would love to work in their area. An immigrant doctor from Romania had left the area after a couple of months working. During his illness, the struggle of a doctor in an under-served area and the reason why he chose not to tell people about his condition were eye-opening for doctors chasing to top the shiny throne of the profession. At the end of the story, Jean-Pierre found that the cancer was contained and with all happiness, he was accompanied by a good colleague with the same vision.

The third movie was Der geilste Tag (2016) from Germany. The title translated as “The Most Beautiful Day.” This movie is about two guys with terminal illness but decided to give their life a chance for the happiest moment before it ends. Andi, suffering with Cystic Fibrosis, and Beno, a divorced thief who caught in the middle of a massive brain tumor. They went for a road trip across the Africa toward the Cape of Good Hope after taking a bank loan on behalf of Andi. The trip was intended to find the happiest day of their life before death called. Along the road they fought, cheated by a kid, and at the end of the trip disappointed by the fact they did not find the happiest day of their life. They separated at the Cape of Good Hope, and Andi went back to Germany after being paged by his doctor with the hope of a lung transplant. Apparently the paged was not for him, instead for Beno. Back in the hospice care with police guard, Andi is going toward the end of his life with Beno accompanied him over the sunrise. For Andi it is the best moment of his life.

If Death is imminent…

What will you do?

How will you deal with regrets and sadness?

Will you think that life is worth living?

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